Finally on our way to Disney!!

I love the look on people's faces when families with kids walk up to the line to go through the security at airports.  They pretty much cringe just like waitresses do because they know it will take us longer to do everything and we will leave some kind of trail in our wake!

Waiting to check our baggage

I try to help the process along and reduce everyone's stress levels.  First, we put the car seats in bags designed for airplane travel and check them with the baggage.  (you can check car seats for free!)  I actually packed our soft sided cooler and life jackets with the car seats, but it didn't seem to matter.  In the past I have even filled the space in the bags with diapers!  This results in less things going through security and free transport of items!

Next, I do not bring on any liquids if it can be helped.  I had a very small hand sanitizer that was attached to my backpack and I didn't have to put it in a separate bag.  The less you have to take out and put back the better.  Since you pretty much have to undress now before getting through security it may be a good idea to wear sweats and a t-shirt with slip on shoes. 

I talked the kids through the procedure before hand.  They knew shoes were coming off as were sweatshirts.  Favorite toys they were carrying had to go for a quick fun ride and they were prepared.  I have had times where I have had a sleeping child who has screamed bloody murder as a blankie had to be put on the belt.  Not a fun way to start or end a trip.  I kept the little kids in the stroller and removed the necessary clothing along with my own before it was our turn.  At the last minute I took the kids out of the stroller and requested that the stroller be hand checked.  Do you  know how hard it is to fold a double stroller, put it up on the belt, and watch three kids plus your purse and other items while you do it??  No Thank You!!  I just say it doesn't fit.

We had Daddy go through first and then each child with Mommy bringing up the rear.  Mission accomplished!  Throw the kids back in the stroller then it is off to the plane after redressing!!

The next hurdle is to make it through the plane ride!  Amazingly all of the children did AWESOME!!  I had my backpack full of tricks

Getting ready to take off!!!

My favorite part of the plane ride??  When we had turbulence all of the kids acted like they were on an amusement park ride and yelled "Wheeeeeee!"  with their arms in the air!  Didn't seem to amuse those around us that were clutching their arm rests with white knuckles!  Another favorite - although not at the time- Tyce continued to ask if we were in the air yet - over and over and over again.  Then when we were to land he asked over and over and over and over again if we were on the ground yet.  Seriously, I thought that only happened in comedy movies -not my life!!

Don't let that face fool you!  He was soo excited to fly!


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