Adventures of Embarrassment in Restrooms

I was in Disney visiting the restroom.  A little boy was in the stall next to me.  I knew this because suddenly he exclaimed, "Mommy!  It came out!"  Then he  he let out the biggest sigh ever!  I couldn't help but laugh!  He then told his mom he could go back to eating more food because he had more room!

I think some of my more embarrassing moments with the kids have occurred in public bathrooms.  When Jackson was little we were traveling to Florida just the two of us so he had to come in the stall with me.  He yelled out to everyone that I was "nakey"!  Tyce once asked me if I was poopin'.  And Lola once declared that it was too stinky and who did that?  Of course they shared their thoughts in very loud voices because who doesn't love to hear their voice echo in the restroom?   Those around us snickered or gave us looks, but after 8 years of being a mom you learn to calmly hold your head high and blame the smell on the person next to you just so you can hear your voice echo.


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