I Want Daddy!!!

Last night the kids all wanted Daddy. Do you know how rare that is? They didn't want Mommy to read to them, pray with them, or to even tuck them in! It was all about Dad last night.
I mean I understand when I tell them no so they want Daddy, but putting them to bed? Really? It seems they learned very early on who they could go to to get away with certain things. You want candy? Go to Mommy. You want to stay up later? Snuggle next to Daddy.

As relieved as I was to have a little break, which I had no idea what to do with by the way, I was a bit heart broken as well. What did I do wrong? Does Daddy do it better then Mommy? Do they love him more now? Have they been poisoned against me? What's the deal?

Of course this was a fleeting moment and there really was nothing to fear! Come 3am who did they want? Yup ~ Mommy! Did I remember that I felt bad for not being picked to be in the line-up hours earlier. Nope - not a chance! I was kicking their Daddy to get up! (after all, he is the favorite right?!)

The balance was once again restored!


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