Universal Studios Day One - December 2020

  Day one 4am comes way too soon the day after Christmas. Actually, it comes too early any time you are forced to get up at that hour but especially when you have spent the last few days running around and staying up late in an attempt to create beautiful and lasting memories for your adored family. By 4:48am we were packed in the cold car and on our way to the airport. Traveling during covid is hit or miss. Do you get to the airport 2 hours early as they suggest (no)? Are there a ton of extra screenings and questions that slow things down? (Not in our experience) Grand Rapids was pretty busy but we walked right through security through the pre-check line, our plane was not at capacity with people placed in every other seat and Atlanta airport was very quiet compared to what I have seen in the past. Transportation from the airport to our resort in Orlando was super smooth as was our check in. No waits, no lines, and very few people. Let’s pause for a minute here and talk about airport

Day 8 - Spain Trip - Pico de Europa, Potes

Day 8 Friday June 28 Pico De Europa Potes You know you are in a country that is green conscious when you have to wave your hands over your head while sitting on a toilet or you will be sitting in the dark! If no one else is in the bathroom the motion sensors go off quickly around here and it can be a bit unsettling at first! Today we drove into the mountains. Tourist buses are not made to navigate twisty narrow mountain roads. There were plenty of times when we had to stop to let other cars squeeze between us and the mountain and at least once that we had a moment of oh crap now what when our motorcoach and a car were traveling in different directions and neither one of us had room to move! Our destination was Pico de Europa, a national park with a mountain range. We took a cable car up the side of the mountain to amazing views and fantastic hiking. Many kids had some anxieties about traveling by cable car but they were glad they did it! After many pictures, we made our way th