Out West Trip - Day Three -Rushmore, Custer State Park, Keystone, Crazy Horse

Monday, June 18 - Day 3 Rushmore, Custer State Park, Keystone, Crazy Horse
Plink, plat, plop, plink This is the sound I woke up to this morning. My first thought was that this cabin was really creaky. I wish that was what was causing the sound. It was actually the sound of pouring rain.
I had a fun thought of tent camping for this trip for about 2 seconds while I was planning it. I am so relieved I discarded that idea. It would have been an adventure, but we would have been miserable!
The kids started to stir around 5:45am because of the time change. These two boys of ours can’t stop from goofing around and causing a ruckus. I’m chalking it up to some good sibling bonding-even as Ry tells them to knock it off because we know in another five minutes someone is going to get hurt.
We were ready well before our targeted time so the kids had a chance to watch The Lone Ranger and Father Knows Best before heading off to Mount Rushmore.
It was pouring as we pulled up to the gate and the fog …

Out West Trip - Day Two: Badlands, Wall Drug, Keystone

Sunday, June 17 - Day 2 Badlands, Wall Drug, Keystone
Rain rain go away!
What a difference a day makes! Yesterday was sunny and we were sweating in shorts. Today was 40 degrees cooler and we wore rain ponchos.
After a hotel continental breakfast - which means biscuits and gravy with flavorless eggs-(but hey it’s free food conveniently located so no complaining here!) we began our journey to the Badlands.
I started the kids off by reading a legend in how the badlands came to be by the Lakota tribe. I had preprinted junior ranger books to fill in for the kids so that kept them busy for part of our ride.
Our first stop was exit 131 off of I90. To the south is the entrance to the Badlands and to the north is Minuteman Missile Site. We stopped first at the Missile site. It is a very well done museum of sorts with interactive exhibits and a film. I learned a lot and found it very interesting. I can’t imagine living in such a state of constant fear like people did during the Cold War! It is…