Spain Trip - Day 4 - Cordoba and Madrid

Day 4
Monday June 24

We have a large group on our bus so they have us count off to make sure everyone is accounted for. We each were assigned a number on the first day and have to yell it out in order. I am number 74 - the very last number so I have started saying something other than my number to signify the end. I am beginning to worry I will not be able to come up with fun things that I know how to say in Spanish. So much pressure!

It was an earlier start today as we had to pack up all of our things and put them on the bus. Our first stop was Córdoba.

Córdoba is a smaller city but it is filled with an amazing ruin and fantastic whitewashed buildings adorned with colorful flowers.

Córdoba was a spot of peaceful coexistence for three different cultures: Jews, Muslims and Christians. It is home to the Mezquita Catedral de Córdoba. This was first built as a Muslim Mosque and later it was added on to and used as a cathedral to practice Christianity. It is unique in its intricat…

Spain Trip - Day 3 - Seville

Day 3
June 23 - Sevilla (Seville in English)

I do like what Europeans eat for breakfast. Meats, cheese, fruits, and bread. Oh, the breads! They are amazing. I don’t think I realized how amazing bread can be!

We were on the bus by 8:30 and off to the center of Sevilla. A local guide hopped on once we reached a central point and gave us a commentary while the sites went by. Sevilla has some amazing history and buildings. We went into a palace- Royal Alcazar (where some scenes from Game of Thrones were filmed), Casa del Pilotos (a palace based on Pontius Pilates house), climbed the bell tower of a cathedral: Giralda Tower, went in the cathedral of Seville, saw all of the beautiful buildings built for the exposition, took a boat ride on the river, saw a bull ring, and had free time to explore.

We foolishly thought that climbing up the cathedral's tower would be a fast trip and we could move on to the next thing. There is only a 1/4 flight of stairs to reach the top and 35 flights of…