Costa Rica-Day Seven-January 2021-Monkey Bar, Cacique Guaro, Beach Massages, Pura Vida!

  Day Seven- Friday Our final day in Costa Rica was spent at the pool and beach on the resort property. We sat on the beach watching the waves roll in enjoying the smell of the ocean air, the sound of the waves crashing, and the feel of the hot sun beating down on us. We always say we are trying to soak it all in but it never seems to stay with us long enough to hold us over until the next time. When the sun became too strong we walked the dirt path to the pool. We set up our chairs, lathered on the sunscreen, and prepared to relax. It wasn’t long before we were in the pool cooling off. Ry went to yoga and I hung in the pool chatting with new friends. When Ry came back it was time for more sunscreen and water aerobics. The instructor had met us on the first night and knew us by name. He had been trying to recruit us for activities and when we gave him the thumbs up for aerobics he told everyone in his microphone that we were finally joining in. We alternated between the pool and the ch

Costa Rica-Day Six-January 2021-River Cruise, Rain forest hike, Volcano and Hot Springs!

  Day Six Thursday Streams of light zig-zag their way through the dense forest canopy. The lucky beams that make it to the forest floor reflect softly off of the small collections of water left from the earlier rain. There is no silence or absence of activity in the rain forest. It is alive with sound. The rush of forceful waters cascading down the side of a hill into the stream below. The sweet chatter of birds back and forth high overhead. The rustling of deep emerald green leaves along the path as a gentle breeze floats through. The squeal of a monkey as it flings itself from tree to tree taunting another in an effort to play. Then there are the sounds you can’t quite discern and can only imagine once your eyes lock on an image. The skittering of harry tarantula legs as they push their oversized body deeper into the fresh damp earth. The twitch and faint flutter of bat wings as they adjust themselves during their daytime slumber on the truck of a large moss-covered tree. The march o

Costa Rica - Day Five - January 2021 - Horses on the Beach

  Day Five - Wednesday Apparently we are incapable of sleeping in while on vacation! 5am and we were awake! We decided to take a walk on the beach before breakfast opened. It was very peaceful with large waves lapping the shore. We walked in the opposite direction from the other day where the beach is much shorter. One thing we found was that there must be a lot of ground water flowing into the ocean from the shore. We watched as the waves rolled up and then retreated back where they came from but water continued to flow through small rivets toward the salty water. If you stood in the water that was continuously flowing you would notice the temperature difference especially at its place of origin. It was much warmer than the ocean water. It is such an odd thing!! After our walk we had breakfast, inquired about horse back riding on the beach, and then changed in preparation for our new adventure. We were met on the beach by a young lady, Lettie, who led us back down a trail near the mas

Costa Rica- Day Four- January 2021 - Sugar Cane, River Cruise, and Rum!

  Day Four- Tuesday Since we have been on the go I talked Ryan into having breakfast and sitting out by the pool first thing. Bellies full we enjoyed the morning sun. It was a hot sun bearing down without the softening of cloud cover. Within 10 minutes we were dripping in sweat and jumping in the pool. We alternated laying in our lounge chairs listening to books and jumping in the pool for about two hours before we showered off and dressed fir our next adventure. We met people from Harbour in the lobby and boarded a bus. Our first stop was lunch. We found ourselves going down gravel bumpy roads (which were still better then main roads I have been on in Uganda and Guatemala) through some small colorful towns. All of which had a school, a church, a grocery store, a bar, and a park area. The homes were concrete with fencing outlining their property, some with barbed wire on the top. Each home had a small porch with a chair or two, beautiful flowering plants growing around the perimeter an

Costa Rica - Day Three - January 2021 - Waterfalls, Coffee, and Fun!

  Day Three- Monday We were awake before the alarms. We had plenty of time to get ourselves ready and down for breakfast. Because of Covid there aren’t many eating establishment choices so we ate at the same buffet as the night before and had our temperatures checked. So much food! They always have plantains so I am happy because they are my favorite! We went up the stairs to the lobby and our Delta Rep- Owen was waiting for us. We loaded up into a van that reminded us of the van that our current favorite you tubers Kara and Nate have (but theirs is turned into a home and ours had rows of seats). Elias was our guide for the morning. He was so knowledgeable and informative! It was awesome to be able to learn so much about Costa Rica from him. On our way to our first stop we saw cattle vultures and ducks. Many of the birds we saw were actual “snow birds” that we see in Michigan during spring summer and fall. They migrate here during the winter. We also found out that the quetzal bird whi

Day 21 - Spain/France Trip - Paris to Home

July 11, Thursday Paris to home Time to say goodbye to Europe. Our flights were smooth and on time. Neither one of us slept on either flight even though our first flight was 8 1/2 hours! We will have to see how well we recover from jet lag. I religiously took a homeopathic to combat jet lag so we’ll see! Travel days aren’t that exciting although I did get randomly selected three times in one flight to be searched and patted down! One agent said I should play the lottery since it was my lucky day. Not sure how lucky it is to be singled out for security checks. So I end our European vacation bringing back sore and tired feet splattered with bandaids from contact with bike pedals; feet that appear to have sandals on even after they are bare because of tan lines, faded bruises from the French ropes course, a suitcase full of stale and dirty clothes, an equivalent of two years worth of normal bread consumption in my belly, extra pounds from daily deserts (and previously mentioned bread con

Day 20 - Spain/France Trip - Paris

July 10, Wednesday Paris We are beasts! Bike riding, speed walking, museum going, up early and late to bed going beasts!! We had the hotel call and arrange bike rentals for us the night before. We walked to an underground parking garage and found bikes all in a row chained up. The parking garage was actually really nice with painted walls and pavement. We had to ask a few people where to find things but it worked out! We had been sent a bike number and a code for the lock. We each found our bike equipped with a basket and bell and rode them up the ramp. It took a bit to get accustomed to the rules of the road for bikes. What we found is that while there are rules of where bikes should and should not be they are not always followed so almost anything goes!!Most streets have a bike lane which are very wide and also used by taxis and buses at times of pick ups and drop offs. On busy roads there is an actual cement barrier between the road and bike lane so you don’t constantly feel like y